Friday, July 31, 2009

"Beckett adapting to the Burbs"

Beckett is so sweet and friendly and just wants to be loved. Wow, is he glad he got out of that high kill shelter! He waited patiently for his oatmeal bath, and after his bath, we found that he even has pretty white spots ... who knew? Beckett is quite a handsome boy with unusual markings - we really love his one tan eyebrow!
He is adjusting to life in the burbs. Beckett was saved in the nick of time and is waiting for his new owner to find him. Beckett is sweet and very tolerant - he will let you touch all over him to take care of him. Actually one of his top favorite things to do is to gaze into your eyes and ask you to pet him. He quickly bonds to people and wants very badly to be loved especially if you have a treat or too. All he wants is a pat on the head and a rub on his ears and he will follow u around. He is very curious and a good sniffer since he is a hound.

He will gaze into your eyes and melt your heart with his soulful eyes. He is friendly with the dogs he has met and getting to know his new canine house buddies. Beckett loves to hang out and wags his tail. His canine housemates are young rowdy barkers and wrestle a lot compared to him so he is trying to take it all in; Beckett is not a couch potato but he's not a wild and crazy guy either.
Beckett's favorite time of day is mealtime and treat time. It makes him so excited he actually dances on his hind legs. While Beckett is good with other dogs, he is not a fan of sharing his food bowl with his other furry friends. We are working on helping him learn that he doesn't have to protect his bowl from the other dogs. Beckett is happy to share his water bowl and he also will share training treats while sitting with his four footed friends.
Beckett probably never lived inside so he's got alot to learn. He's a smart boy and in a short week he's already learned a great deal. He's pretty much got "sit" down because when he sits he gets treats and he thinks that is the best thing in the whole wide world! Now Beckett is working on "stay".
This good natured dog likes to curl up in his crate to take a snooze, no barking and is as quiet as a mouse and sometimes has a little snore or too. Very cute.. Speaking of the crate he keeps it nice and clean which is a good sign and he's just about housetrained now. Beckett has enjoyed strolls in the neighborhood and walks pretty well on the leash. He's getting better by the minute.
Beckett has pretty good house manners. Last night he was fascinated by the big screen TV. He even sniffed it twice while a woman reporter was on. Kind of funny.

He is a cool hound that likes to ride around in the car and just take it all in.

Beckett is around 5 to 7 years old and still has a lot of life to live. If you'd like to learn more about Beckett or meet him, let us know.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beckett's Life Saved, A New Life Begins

Beckett is a handsome black and white hound mix. He is about 5-7 yrs old and about 45 lbs. Beckett was picked up as a stray in rural VA and brought to a high kill shelter.

Doesn't sound like the start of a happy story, does it? But is is for Beckett - lucky for him, Beckett caught the eye of kindhearted Liz, who couldn't stand the thought of this beautiful sweet dog losing his life. Liz agreed to foster Beckett and to help him find a new home.

So next week, Beckett will be traveling to Bethesda to start a new life. At home with Liz and Chris and their dogs, Beckett will learn the basics - housetraining, walking well on a leash, crate training. We know that he's a friendly guy and that he gets along with other dogs. We're looking forward to learning more about Beckett. Stay tune and come back to read "tails" of Beckett's adventures in the suburbs of DC. Hopefully, we'll have some great photos of this cutie soon too.