Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Driving Mr. Beckett"

Beckett loves riding in the car.
When Beckett first joined us he would look out the back window and watch it all go by. But lately he has taken to riding shotgun in the front seat on the floor. First we think he caught a scent of a treat on the floor.. maybe. But since then he kind of likes hanging out here. It gives him a front row seat to check out the humans.
It is kind of funny... no bucket seats for Beckett.
He might have gotten a little jostled around before and finds this a bit safer with our driving.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Beckett and the Finer things in Life"

Beckett has discovered the finer things in life for a dog. The dog bed!! Oh he thinks it is sooooo great. He likes to bring his toy there, hang out, or just roll around for a back scratch. It is fuzzy and ohhhh so comfy.
We don't think Beckett had a bed before coming to the Burbs. He watched his foster friends hang out in it for about a week, and finally got the hang of it.
Boy is it nice and comfy. He hopes he will have one at his new home soon.
He also is doing really well on his potty training.
He figured out if he "pottys outside" he gets a tasty treat. Sometimes we think he is faking it just to get an extra kibble or 2. Cute Guy Beckett.

Beckett Passed up A Pepperoni Pizza

Say What? Beckett Passed up a hot pepperoni pizza. You figure hound+pizza=yum.
Not Beckett. A steaming hot pizza came out of the oven and Beckett followed, but after just a quick correction... Beckett headed to his crate to hang out. I can't get his foster friends to do this. Wow what a nice dog!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beckett Goes to the Farm

Beckett had a field trip to visit some friends on a play date.
He met a beautiful leggy foxhound/beagle "Lucky". Boy was he lucky to find her... he thinks she is his girlfriend. He is quite smitten. She is a hound you know.

They ran thru the fields together across the farm and chased moles.Very romantic first date. She is a bit younger for him, but he still kept up running. Beckett's is a fast runner.

She is smitten as well.. she tried to jump in our car as we left. Stay tuned for their second date..

"Hip Hip Hooray" Beckett Can Play

Beckett surprised us this morning. He has been holding out on us. He likes to play!!
He went flying thru the air and chased his foster friends in circles in the yard. Pretty funny for this little guy who lives with his bigger foster dogs. He can hold his own with the Big Dogs and was skidding around the big deck outside. He likes a good chase and is learning how to play nicely. Yeah Beckett.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Come meet Beckett This Sat 8/15"

Come meet this handsome hound Beckett
this Saturday: August 15
12pm – 2pm
At: Wylie Wagg, 7505 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA

"Beckett Goes to the Big City"

Beckett went to yappy hour in the City.. at Sobe's in Arlington. Doggie fundraiser.
Beckett went to Arlington for his first city stroll and yappy hour.
He did great for his first time in the city. He was fine with all the city sounds. He walked and wanted to greet all the people who were out for happy hour. He kind of thinks they are going to say hello to him as they pass. He met some furry friends and city friends. He sat for 2 hours at the cafe table with a couple breaks.
No new owners there but he is still searching. With a bit of love and attention Beckett is starting to show his funny little personality.
He has settled in and even has a little spring in his step. He is friendly with his foster dogs and trying to figure out playtime. Sometimes he sneaks underneath them for a short cut.
They are not as fond of this trick. He is a funny dog. Beckett has discovered stuffed bones. These little delicacies are the tops to this houndie. His latest trick is raiding the doggie toy box. He likes to take out the toys and carry them around for a bit and give them a try. Still no barking from this little guy.
He has learned "down" and even does a little chase for a ball. The ball comes back occasionally.
With positive rewards and praise we think Beckett could be a star. He might even have done a little roll over, although it might have been by accident....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beckett's Walking around town!!

Wow! Beckett's new leash training skills are amazing. He has made 100 percent improvement. He heels right next to you.
He walks with his pack of dogs daily and with a simple Halti collar has done amazing work in a short time. No more pulls or tugs with the halti. He even is a good pacer if you would like to jog a bit. Everyone he meets thinks he is the sweetest houndie and hopes he finds a new caring owner soon. He has passed garbage trucks, cars, bikes,runners,kiddies and done really well adapting to leash walks. He watches them all go by.
He continues to meet other dogs on his walks and say's a nice gentle friendly hello. He can walk up and down stairs. And up the open wood see thru stairs in the house. Still working on going down the open stairs - given that he's probably never seen stairs before coming to live with us, this is really impressive.
We get a kick out of watching him roll around on the small throw rug and get a little back scratching with a funny little grin on his face. Another funny thing is he keeps checking himself out in the mirrored closet door. He nudges with his nose. He walks around it to see if there is another handsome hound in the house. Still all he wants is love and attention. He sure is easy to train, with a handful of tasty treats and some positive praise. He is adapting nicely and getting some nice indoor house manners. Boy what a nice dog! Beckett's new owner sure will be lucky to have him.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beckett's Adventure to his Adoption Event in VA

Beckett went to his first adoption event and did fabulous. He said hello to all the friendly people, got along with all the dogs and made a few kid friends. He got lots of petting and a few compliments on how fabulously friendly his personality is. He checked out all the puppies in their pen. He sat pretty for treats. He just hung out and waited and waited for his special owner to find him. He was asked about his light brown marking above his eye. Nothing wrong with him. It is just a special spot that makes him stand out among the other houndies. Come see Beckett at his next adventure.