Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Beckett and the Finer things in Life"

Beckett has discovered the finer things in life for a dog. The dog bed!! Oh he thinks it is sooooo great. He likes to bring his toy there, hang out, or just roll around for a back scratch. It is fuzzy and ohhhh so comfy.
We don't think Beckett had a bed before coming to the Burbs. He watched his foster friends hang out in it for about a week, and finally got the hang of it.
Boy is it nice and comfy. He hopes he will have one at his new home soon.
He also is doing really well on his potty training.
He figured out if he "pottys outside" he gets a tasty treat. Sometimes we think he is faking it just to get an extra kibble or 2. Cute Guy Beckett.